Thursday, May 26, 2011

13 Years Old On Facebook??? I don't think so!

Oh Zuckerburg what will you come up with next?

I personally don't think that children13 and under should be allowed on facebook.  It's a bit much!  I thought the whole point of keeping children off Facebook was to protect them from stalkers, child molesters and other such scum of society???  Now I realize that there are probably tons of underagers on Facebook (this wouldn't be the first instance of underage activity right?) But at least this way someone is being (or at least should be) held accountable for for the actions of this minors.  there is a lot of responsibility thtat is attached to being online.  and I son't think that 13 year olds understand the implications of such activity.  for example, there is a geo-tagging feature that is attached to many smart phone that allows your location to be posted for the world to see.  Can you image a 12 year old posting..."Crap!  Took the wrong bus and I'm lost!" I can see the predators lining up waiting to grab a hold of that unsuspecting child.  or what about a post like "Rocking out to the Biebs on full blast cuz the rents are gone!" Suddenly the doorbell rings and the rest isn't pretty.  Now I know these may be seem a tad on the extreme side but are they really????

Lets not forget to talk about all the bullying.  We've seen too many instances in recent history  that involve online bullying and harassment.   This is just another avenue for kids to be attacked and harassed by hurtful people both young and old.

Let's face it....adults have a hard enough time dealing with the goings on of the Facebook do you expect a minor to do it as well?

A friend (@mikeselfdestructs said it best...Zuckerburg is trying to tap into that last market that Facebook hasn't cornered (paraphrased).

I think we need to let kids be kids and not allow/force them to grow up too fast. Get them outside and enjoy soccer games, and ballet and all the other things that life has to offer.....they have the rest of their lives to be on Facebook!

What are your thoughts? always....comment.....discuss.....let's start a dialogue.....peace n blessingz....

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