Monday, May 2, 2011

Metafor Clothing – a brand with a purpose

Metafor Clothing (which stands for Mastering our Exixtence (spelled wrong intentionally) Through Achievements while not Forgetting Our Rights, Race or Religion) is one of the newest clothing lines to hit the scene.  And you are probably thinking: “So what? What makes them different from the other dozens clothing lines that emerged this month?”

The reason is simple.  Metafor Clothing is a brand with a purpose.

Our countries, states, cities, neighbourhoods, communities and even streets are filled with children who are being raised in less than ideal circumstances including living in impoverished neighbourhoods, experiencing a lack of food and water or even clothes on their backs.   These children deserve nothing but the best, but when they have to struggle from day to day to do the things we take for granted; survival becomes their only method of existence.  Unfortunately, this existence propels the vicious cycle of delinquency and many become statistics.

The cycle has to end somewhere.  You can help make that happen.

Metafor Clothing (a division of Metafor Enterprises LLC) aims to help children grow and flourish in the midst the struggles of growing up in conditions that are beyond their control.   Metafor Clothing is fashionable, affordable and helps to change the course of the lives of the youth today.

Proceeds from every item Metafor Clothing sells goes directly to Meta4Lfye which is a non profit organization whose goal is to help kids manage their exixtence.  Meta4Lyfe will fund programs that will help the youth learn study skills, writing skills, analytical thought skills, money management and so much more.  These programs will help keep the next generation of young people off the streets and out of jail cells and into the boardrooms and corner offices (with a view).

Supporting Metafor Clothing does more than just give you something to wear.

It is helping to sow a seed of success in the lives of children who more than deserve a chance at the best that life has to offer. It allows them to dream big and therefore be bigger than their circumstances; big enough to be the next world changers, policy makers, CEOs and Presidents.

For about $20 you can look good and feel good about doing a little something to make this world a better place.

For more information or to help make a difference please visit

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  1. Yo, this is dope--imma cope a shirt fo sho....good looking out